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The Pelteret Family


Numismatics is the study and/or collection of coins, banknotes, medals and medallions. For the most part, these essays relate to material once in personal collections.

Royeppen, Leader Manikum

Of the Indian Ambulance Corp, Second Anglo-Boer War; Queen’s South Africa Medal; history of Indian Ambulance Corp with review of documents and literature; friend of Mahatma Ghandi. Genealogy of Royeppen.

Russell, 1856 Orderly Charles Orton

Orderly in Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals, Anglo-Boer War; St. John’s Ambulance Brigade Bradford Corps; Queen’s South Africa medal, St. John's Medal for South Africa; Genealogy of Russell.

Russell, Orderly AE

Orderly of the Imperial Hospital Corps, was awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902 with state clasp Natal.

Ryden, Lance Bombardier LGH

Ryden, Lionel George Henry, lance bombardier, his Boy's Scout Association Silver Gallantry Cross and posthumous military awards following Operation “Market Garden” at Arnhem, 17-30 September, 1944.

Sieger, Albert Sophron

Dr Albert Sophron Sieger, a medical practitioner, served in the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 and was awarded the Queen’s South Africa Medal. Family Tree included.

Sisam, Civilian Surgeon William

Dr William Sisam, civilian surgeon, his Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) service, numismatic recognition and later public health career.

Smith, Dr James Alexander Jones

Surgeon major, LRCP and FRCS, was awarded the Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal (1880 – 1897), bar: Basutoland. Family Tree included.

SS Maine Medallions

S.S. Maine Medallion, Bernard Nadel Baker of Baltimore, Lady Randolph Churchill, Mrs. Cornelia Wadsworth Adair, Mrs. A.A. Blow, Mrs. Mary Francis ("Fanny") Ronalds.

Thomson, J(ohn)

J. Thomson, orderly in the Scottish Hospital, was awarded the Queens South Africa Medal (state bars Cape Colony and Orange Free State).

Victor, Theunis Gert

Victor of the Naauwpoort District Mounted Troops (D.M.T.) awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal for his services during the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902. A brief description of Naauwpoort / Noupoort. Family Tree included.

Warren, Dr Crawford
Webb, 340080 Chandlery Writer EA

Webb, chandlery writer in Royal Navy, was first of HMS Sybille and later of HMS Minotaur. He was awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902 without bar; the British War Medal 1914-1920; and the Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) (early swivelling).

Welsh, Thomas Edward
Winson, 4788 Pte W

Of the West Yorkshire Regiment, was awarded the Mediterranean Medal 1899-1902.

Winton, 588 Corpl. William Charles

Awarded Queen's South Africa medal, bar Cape Colony.

Wisking, William, and the Irish Hospital

Queen’s South Africa Medal, Second Anglo-Boer War. Genealogy of Wisking.

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